"Refugees welcome!" Solidaritätsschreiben aus Israel

"Refugees welcome!" Solidaritätsschreiben aus Israel

Anlässlich unserer Kampagne "Refugees welcome" haben wir eine Solidaritätserklärung von Young Labour Israel erhalten. Der Vorsitzende Uri Keidar und die Internationale Sekretärin Maya Peretz wandten sich in einem Schreiben an die Juso-Bundesvorsitzende Johanna Uekermann:


Dear Comrade,

On behalf of the Israeli Young Labour I wish to strengthen your position regarding the refuges crisis ongoing around the world and in Europe in particular.

Our region is facing some radical changes following the uprising of fundamentalist movements and extremists in the past years. Those changes influence the lives of millions humaneness and have crate a humanitarian crisis throughout our region.

This crisis does not end in the borders of Europe and the war refugees, as well as asylum seekers from Africa, are traveling to European countries seeking for peaceful life for them and their families.

As a nation who our people were war refugee, I wish to stand next to you and call to the European countries to open their boarders and allow the refugees to find a peaceful place that will allow them to dream of a better future.

As our party leader MK Issac Hertzog stated, we call for the Israeli government to allow Syrian refugees to enter Israel and find a shelter within our boarders.

The "Refugee Welcome" campaign run by the Jusos need to be a Lighthouse for all of Europe Social-Democratic parties.

Hope we shall see a better future for our region and a better future for the refugees.

Yours Sincerely,
Uri, Chairperson YLI, Maya Peretz International secretary YLI.

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